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​Division of Cottage Camp Cabin Inc.  

Payette River Lumber

Timber Home

Environmentally Dimensional Douglas Fir Timbers from Dead Standing Trees.

The Ultimate in "Green" Building Materials 

​​Timber Frame Cabins, Cottages, Bunkies, Homes, Lodges and Motels. Standard Stock Buildings and Custom Designed Buildings

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Timber Homes, Log Cabin Kits & Portable Saw Mills.

     We are a manufacturer sales agency with over 60 years of experience in  manufacturing, construction, Timber Homes, 

Portable Saw Mills and Large Timber Beams

We represent the following companies:

Heartland Timber Homes Ltd ~ British Columbia, Canada

D & L Timber Technologies Ltd ~ British Columbia, Canada

Payette River Lumber ~ Idaho, United States of America

Please review our manufacturers and if you have any questions please contact us.

Email: ForestProducts@EPNA.ca

Sales contact: Lionel Dearling mobile phone 705-927-5555

The Leading Provider in Innovative, Quality Portable Sawmills and Value-added  Wood Processing Equipment.